Ian Accola :
Hi Amanda Its me Ian Accola I seen you a few months ago im sure you remember me and the  previous situation that  was looming over my life ....the reason im emailing you is because I want to have my testimonial on your site for the simple reason of you helped me and if there's others out there hopefully not but if there are I know you can help them as you helped me.. My previous situation was much more complex then I knew things were very average for me just plain regular average income average girl friend average job well basically everything and I didn't want average anymore....I wanted more ...more of everything I wanted to go beyond average  which was very ignorant way of thinking at the time ...but back to the story I was searching the net and came across some occult sites and rituals and things of this nature so there was all sorts of rituals for money. success and just bettering ones self so I figured why not what do I have to lose...so long story short I did these sayings and words out of a book I bought I did what it said as best of my knowledge ...so things were going pretty good actually in business and in my personal life I don't want to go much in to detail but things were going better then average for my life ...till one night I started having very very bad dreams more like night terrors I cant really repeat the nature of these dreams but that was just the beginning slowly everything in life started slowing down or coming to a halt.....business slowed down so I took it with a grain of salt and tried to shrug it off ... my girlfriend of 6 years soon to be wife wanted out of the relationship for no apparent reason ....she just wasn't happy with me any more so she left....everything seemed dark and gray there was no color to my life I just felt like something was working against me in every which way .....I felt so heavy in my chest my mind was restless my health I felt like was bad to headaches, nervousness not eating just all out drained and a emotional wreck it was like depression took over me my dreams aka night terrors getting worst I didn't know what to do

  ..so I told my close friend and cousin about everything that's been going on and explained to him what I dwelt in with all those rituals/sayings I have done...he then suggested I see a spiritualist or a psychic .. I really was hesitant at first but at this point I had nothing to lose so I seen psychic Amanda's ad online so I called her up I gave her vague details about the situation because I felt embarrassed of my situation but its like she knew most of everything before I told her so I went to see her in person and I confessed to her everything long story short she told me because of the evil words and rituals I have done previously this is why my life was in shambles and not only that she told me I did not complete the rituals correctly and its even worst and it just wasn't negativity or energy it was an actual demonic spirit following me and its strongest point was in my home were I have done these rituals ..... I needed this demon this evil spirit out of my life she went on to explain that any evil or demonic spirit feeds off of raw emotion i.e. fear nervousness depression anger ...all of these emotions demons/spirits need it makes them happy its their food ...and I was sick and tired of being prayed on from these evil creatures so I asked Amanda for her help ...luckily she knew her stuff she suggested exercising of the demon/spirit beginning at my home whatever Amanda did for me worked she expelled the demon from my home but before she did this she made me remove all books or items related to what I done after this she well I don't know exactly what she did but it was a type of meditation or prayer she got rid of this demon from my home but it was

very complicated because even though it was gone it can still find me from my energy kind of like the way animals have scents for people so she also had to do mediations for me ....its been almost 5 months since Amanda helped me.. :) ive never been happier I have my old life back and I love it soooo much business is back I feel renewed and my fiancé or should I say wife now we got back together a little after a week that Amanda helped me  that was it right there that made me the happiest man on earth getting her back it all came back to normal I was whole again as was my reality I thank god that its ok again no more night terrors no more depression no more anything bad I thank my cousin for the suggestion to find a psychic/spiritualist and I thank you Amanda for all you have done for me my heart goes out to you you saved me literally thank you so much and I will be in to see you just to say hi soon and my wife Debra thanks you also for helping me  and this comment my story is for anyone that has a similar situation and just isn't sure what to do I would highly suggest psychic Amanda to anyone one with similar problems she helped me and im confident she will help you ciao!

-Results Will Vary.


Chandra Lamear:

I went to Psychic Amanda studio last month I was reading allot on the esoteric system and how it effects our physical body I just didn’t feel right since the past 2 years thing  just haven’t been going accordingly to my intent my health felt like it was sort of declining my energy levels were very low which made no sense to me I eat very healthy and try to keep a health life style and I’m only in my late twenties things weren’t adding up at least to a scientific perspective so I went to see a conventional doctor just for some blood work things of that nature everything came back fine….even my moods were different I didn’t feel like me any more its like there was a wall in front of me in every direction I turned I felt closed in like there was a constant road block in my life.so I did some searching more searching on spirituality and spiritualist and came across Amanda’s site and contacted her she more in depth explained how some of my chakras were blocked and off balance and after only 2 session with her things started going smoothly in my life first off my energy levels are back thanks to the chakra balancing  and Amanda also suggested certain crystals that are meant for my body to keep my energies balanced the majority of the time and explained that the age of spiritual awakening is now and that there will be more and more people in the situation that I was in  hence this testimonial which I hope gets posted. I’m done all my sessions actually and (knock on wood ) things are great I must suggest to the public if you don’t know about chakras they affect our lives daily in positive ways and when there is a problems with our chakras it can affect our lives in a negative way so I would suggest reading up on them and if you think you may have a blockage or imbalance I would definitely see a professional about it would recommend Psychic Amanda She’s Great.

-Results Will Vary

Davina B:

My name is Davina and I have been a client/friend of Amanda's since November 2014.  I would like to thank Amanda BIG TIME for the work she has done for my brothers -  Nicholas, who is the second born child in my family, had two demonic spirits around him since his teens which came from a necklace which a 'so called friend' of the family, involved in obeah, deliberately left in our couch.  She left a interlocked chain in our sofa - one representing my family the other a chain reaction of demon - the intention was that whoever wears the necklace will not be successful in life. My parents are quite spiritual so when they found it they knew it was linked to witchraft but had no idea until this very day who left the chain in our house since they knew a few people involved in obeah, but I did some readings with Amanda this year and found that the necklace came from Mary  Anyway, my STUPID mother STILL placed the necklace on Nicholas's neck.  I have absolutely no idea why she did that.  When my dad found Nicholas wearing it he yelled at my mother and told her to remove the necklace immediately.  Since then Nicholas's life was cursed.  But Amanda has removed the spirits and placed protection around him so it doesn't happen again.  Nicholas is a lot more positive now which is great.  Now the doors are open for him to live a life of prosperity and will now have more luck in finding a stable/successful relationship - and hopefully no more divorces :-)
Also Ricardo ,my youngest brother, was recently informed by his doctor that his heart is in the early stages of heart failure.  Myself and the family wanted a second opinion because we refused to accept the diagnosis.  I got confirmation from Amanda that the diagnosis is correct.  She asked for his details and a picture to do some spiritual work to improve his health.  She didn't charge me at all.  That's what you call a spiritual worker who sincerely cares about their clients.  Not many spiritual people would do that.  I am confident that Ricardo is going to be ok because Amanda said he has a strong carer/finances ahead of him.

-Results Will Vary

Jian Kang,

Hi Amanda I just wanted to share my gratitude and my story with you and if you can post this on your testimonials I would really appreciate this perhaps it can help someone that is in a similar situation that I was in . I’m a normal guy I didn’t believe in basically anything crazy or supernatural though I do believe in god but not very religious anyways I was working long hours one day I went home feeling very weak so this lasted several days then my wife decided I should see a doctor long story short blood test were done full exam and all test say I was fine.

 as more time went on I noticed rashes on my body I also noticed I felt allergic to most foods that I eat everyday also it was very hard for me to sleep so more testing was done more time being wasted more time away from my family days off work not to mention I felt like crap…I went to a natural path which suggested I had digestive problems or leaky gut  syndrome so I was happy because at that time I figured ok this is it I know what my problem is now I can be fixed was I ever wrong after staying on a strict diet after taking several supplements …spending hundreds of dollars almost 6 months have passed and still no progress… even getting second 3rd 4th opinion didn’t help and didn’t matter so began more research on healing natural healing through energies and my friend referred my to see a spiritualist named Amanda he suggested she does many energy healing and so on in all honesty I had no faith in her or anything else but I figured may as well try I haven’t got anything but more time to lose .

 so after my first visit she explained how energy disturbances cause illness and ailments to the body this is usually when a chakra is off balance or not functioning correctly so I have given her my full story and how the natural paths and doctors  suggested it was digestive problems or leaky gut she then explained to me that this was the naval chakra the 3rd  chakra at the solar plexus  she also explained very thoroughly how to fix this problem and the necessary steps that need to be taken to fix it but I also explained I have a very healthy and active life style Amanda explained that doesn’t matter all the time when it comes to chakra imbalances so I did a few sessions of chakra balancing and cleansing…I felt better so my first though was I’m fine I’m better or maybe its all in my head.. so I stopped doing my sessions I only had 3 more to be done about 2 months went by and I was starting to feel ill again so I then knew it was not in my head that the treatments really were working I went back to then finish my sessions I apologized to Amanda but surprisingly she said to me every one has to find there own path and do what feels right and welcomed me back during my last session Amanda explained that her technique is what most practitioners use to do chakra balancing but she mixes this with reiki & chi energy to also not only balance the chakra spot but also heal the body and parts that have been working overtime to compensate for the imbalances… I was really surprised that some one like this is local and in Canada this is something you would see in Asia I’m just happy that I’m better I know all problems are different as mine was but Amanda fixed it so my life went back to normal I don’t have any digestive problems anymore nor I’m I allergic to anything anymore no more rashes or break outs and no more stressing about this I just wanted to share this because I’ve seen so many medical doctors  so many natural paths that sort of knew what the problems was but did not have a decisive way of fixing it  turns out a spiritualist fixed it unbelievable but true thanks Amanda,

-Results Will Vary

Lana Voegele:

  Hey Amanda just wanted to shoot an email your way and thank you properly for your knowledge and help when i called you that time and needed help because my dreams were slowly becoming reality dejavu almost every night and knowing my visitors or people that would call before it happens the ...feeling emotions that arent realy my own all these things you realy helped me with and after going and asking other psychics about these things and just getting a run around your the only one that told me the truth and explained im not exactly like the majority of the population and iam gifted and just need practice ... and need to learn how to harness this ability ...and i have along way to go specially because im so young but your advice and teachings helped me alott and i appreciate it so much the feeling i got when i was around you was like no other psychics ive visited i.....i felt safe like i cant trust you...and i do you helped me when no one else could have also your site looks great keep up the amazing work thanks amanda.

-Results Will Vary

Sophia Roe:
Hi well here it goes my problems were very very stressful on me and
my emotional health see I was with my boyfriend whose name I wont mention for
obvious reasons and I was happy regular stresses of life but nothing serious but
one day unexpectedly out of the mid blue another woman entered his life and                
apparently they were just friends" I really didn't care much at first but I seen
the way she looked at him I know she was very interested in him but I know he
wasn't too interested in her at least at that moment but as a little time went
on she was more with my boyfriend just hanging out going to restaurants together
not to mention we all went to the same college I just didn't want it I didn't
want here around my boyfriend  I didn't know how to keep her away and yea I
tried spending as much time with my boyfriend as I can but.. I'm in college
juggling my studies and my job was not easy and the stress of not knowing what
she might try and do to my boyfriend & knowing I couldn't get rid of her it
made me so stressed I think I didn't eat for 2 days straight & I was jacked
up on Starbucks Id cry every few minutes I was a wreck. So I came across
Amanda add and decided to read up more about her on her web site .... so  I
decided to give her a try so I called her and then I met her at her studio a few
days later after we met I decided I wanted her help so I got it .And after she
helped me within only a matter of 7 or 8 days the heaviness from my chest the
turning in my stomach finally faded away ... emotionally I came back to normal
and a few days after that my boyfriend was coming around me a little more then usual
but he would still see that other woman sometimes but more rarely and about 3-4
weeks after that and this is what surprised me and made me the HAPPIEST! that Woman totally
transferred to a different school all together out of the Toronto district so
they don't even see each other anymore which I was ecstatic about :) !!!!!!!!
thank you Amanda I appreciate it so much.
-Results Will Vary

Luicana Marino:   I was married ...and then I found my soul mate another lover. I was so worried id never be with him & that my husband would find out...but Amanda pushed my lover to me so now im divorced from my ex-lover and happily married! thanks Amanda.

-Results Will Vary
Zorion Perrara: I thought I had everything....life was fine then one day I lost my job I have 2 kids and a wife and being the bread winner I needed work and fast but I loved my job!! I went to psychic Amanda and before I knew it I got called back to work and 3 months later I got promoted thanks to her work and that wonderful woman Amanda thank you again & happy new year!!!

-Results Will Vary
Azita Sadeghzadeh: My eldest son who was 17 at the time was going thru a very rough time in life...he was doing poorly in school and was having a hard time finding a job and he never wanted to talk to me or his father our family got worried he got very frail looking, we took him to the doctor and found out he was on drugs ...so we took him to rehab .. and after that didn't work I didn't no what to do I seen an ad for psychic Amanda I was acceptable at first but after the work she did for me within 1 week my son was feeling better ...I was so happy and since July 08 has been drug free!!! thanks to psychic Amanda my families saviour and my best friend thank you.

-Results Will Vary

Brook Alviano- I was so scared & so in love at the same time I was in love with my co-worker we been working together for about a year in a half that's when I developed feelings for him and wasn't sure if he had feelings for me at all I never had the courage to tell him how I felt and I knew he probably wouldn't be to interested in me im the quite & shy type and he was so spontaneous and out going I just wanted to be with him.......then I found out that he started going out with some one ...I was devastated I felt like there was no hope like it was all over I didn't even want to wake up in the morning ...I seen  Amanda's add and decided to call her I explained to her my problem I went to see her and I WAS AMAZED! THE WORK SHE DID FOR ME WAS REMARKABLE!.

 within 1 week the man I loved left the woman he was with the week after that he began to stir up allot of conversation with me before I knew it the end of the moth came and he told me "Brook I really been thinking of you allot and I want you to know I have feelings for you and I left the other woman and I want to be with you if that ok?

I literally lost my breath I was speechless my eyes started tearing and hugged him we been together for 6 moths so far....if it wasn't for Psychic Amanda & her work none of this would be a reality my reality thank you Amanda for my new life lots of love Brook Alviano,

-Results Will Vary

  Julian Sheffer: Life For me well it just didn't always seem fair kind of like id finish first but still came in last place. I always used to feel so alone and at times very heavily depressed like my heart was dying I mean my work was ok income so so but what was bothering me was my loneliness I have 2 years of schooling left and all my life I rarely had friends from grade school nothing but bullies and getting made fun of to high school being shut down from the in crowd and denied from going places or parties or even to see a movie not to mention girls not liking so much because I wasn't "mr cool" not to mention having arguments with my family here and there now im in college 2 years left and I couldn't stand the loneliness there was no true caring no true love around me or my life I was hurting inside so much and its not like I could say I was the typical "nerd or geek" or anything that this so called diverse or loving society could name me I would say I was and still am just a "regular straight up guy" I try and do my best at everything and usually I prevail except with relationships especially friends before I met Amanda I could count the friends I had on one hand All being my cousins.


 but being deprived of real friends and experiences all my life made me depressed badly and to be honest I think I developed a fear of trying anymore I tried almost all my life for friends and a social life never worked so I was scared and I had very sad thoughts bad ones of me doing horrible things to myself because I felt like I couldn't amount to peoples expectations to be around them or to liked by them  I Mean I knew I was depressed and unintentionally anti-social but I didn't  understand "why me"....but family insisted I see a doctor so I did of course the typical depression story obviously they wanted to give me medication so I wouldn't be depressed but I knew that wouldn't truly solve my problem at least for me so I did my own research found some info thru my searching on the net I came across Amanda's site so I checked it out I figured why not give it a shot I didn't have much to lose anyway. so the day came when I met at her work place and she explained to me allot of things about how my energy works and what my energy was doing and being transmitted to other people so she offered to help me fix what was bothering me in life and I accepted and boy I'm I happy I did it it hasn't been that long since Amanda finished the work she was doing for me and I'M OUTSTANDED BY THE RESULTS so I had to leave this testimonial to show my true appreciation for this I mean I have no more fears or anxieties I'm loved by allot of people friends & Fam I'M HAPPY NOW.

my iphone has so many contacts I mean I counted no joke I have 53 contacts 11 of them being family and yes you guessed it 42 new friends and acquaintances and I do get called places i.e. parties events outing small trips almost anything I actually make use of text messages now :) I finally have the life and life style I always wanted thanks to you Amanda ill Always Be indebted you bye.

-Results Will Vary

Mathew Tanner,   I got cut off from work they were doing cut backs and out of 10 workers they picked me I couldn't find a job at all because all the cut backs and the recession I was low on cash i needed a job and soon and I been working construction almost all my life so i wasn't really skilled at much else and I didn't really want to be flipping burgers my whole life and no one got back to my resumes or I was just denied then a friend told me about "psychic Amanda" they had a similar problem to mine he said she helped him so i figured id try it out I must say I was very sceptical at first but I  was wowed by her it was like I was a new man!! I got a job about a week after seeing her and it was in what i wanted the most  "construction" I was back to work and back to getting paid FINALY! thanks to Amanda's awesome work thanks a million.

-Results Will Vary

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