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For all readings please send names dates of birth of yourself  &  anyone you would like to know about as well the required amount of questions and or photos pertaining to the reading you have purchased to

psychic-amanda@hotmail.com  readings are usually answered within 12 to 24 hours

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         Psychic Amanda Benedetta

                                   Canada's  Trusted Psychic & Spiritualist


​​$5 - 3 Question Reading-(Three Specific Questions Answered From Myself Using The Tarot Cards As Well My Psychic Ability Questions Will Be Answered Very Detailed This Would Be Through EmailPlease Just Include Names And Dates Of Birth Of Yourself Anyone You'd Like To Know About As Well Your Three Questions)

$80 Phone Or Whatsapp

$80 Phone / Whatsapp Reading Session Using Tarot & Spirit Guide  (Appointment Will Be Made And Reading Will Be Done Within 24-72 hrs Of Purchase Thank You Skype: Email psychic-amanda@hotmail.com Whatsapp Number 1-647-961-6901)



$120 Live Psychic Reading Video Session

Once you Do Purchase Please Email Me We Will Setup A time To Speak Within 24-72Hrs To Setup Your Appointment Within Zoom-Skype-Face Time Reading Will Be Done Using Tarot As Well Connecting With Your Energies With Use Of Spirit Guide Enhanced With Use Of Crystals  psychic-amanda@hotmail.com


​​$20 Full Tarot Reading E-Mail
$20 Full Tarot Card Reading (Please Provide Full Names Dates Of Birth As Well Photos & Up To 10 Questions Reading Will Be Sent Within 24 hrs Of Purchase Email psychic-amanda@hotmail.com Thank You)

Psychic Amanda Official Tarot & Oracle Deck $50 + $20 Shipping 

Though all testimonials are from actual people, experiences from the readings will vary from person to person. All readings are private and confidential; no information is ever given to a third party. Reviews and testimonials sent to me should not influence your decision to have a reading. All reviews and testimonials are presented here with consent, and all named individuals are over age 18. If you have more questions, please call 416-519-8055 or text 647-961-6901 please allow anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for live phone/video readings for scheduling & to receive the reading , Thank you.Thank You & God Bless