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My name is Amanda im a psychic & spiritualist people always ask me what is a psychic or what is a spiritualist I simply tell them im indigo why indigo? a indigo is a human being that is in tune with his or her surroundings like how another person if sum one near me is happy I feel that joy but if the person is in distress or pain I also feel this not only am I just in tune with a persons emotions I can actually hone in on a persons thoughts whether it be a buried traumatic situations from the past or what your planning to do during the week , this is why I say being psychic/indigo are two of the same psychics/indigos have been around for ages science is just starting to catch on to this phenomenon .as for being spiritual it comes with the territory of being a psychic/indigo in order to strengthen & heighten my abilities to new levels I must meditate daily & fast at least 4 times a week , im also a very religious individual I believe in the power & positivity of prayers to the holy father god"yhwh" I feel no matter what the case scenario for a large percentage of my clients I will always do prayers and meditations for them unless requested otherwise the positive energy that comes from it is absolutely outstanding but other reasons I feel I been gifted spiritually is to manifest my self or rather my soul out of my body to have what is called an out of body experience because I have this ability I can bring forth or speak to lost or imprisoned spirits on earth or manifest angelic or demonic entities which is only done very rarely and only for sever situations! this is why I say im a more advanced spiritual being because we are all spiritual some more then others.

I was aware I guess that's I was "different " you can say at the age of 5 I would usually always feel a huge lot of mixed emotions especially at school because the mass amount of people surrounding me at first my family was worried I had depression or social anxiety or even bipolar disorder after about 30 doctor visits it was still unsolved.

it was just me and my mom home I was helping her with the dishes so I started saying what my mother was thinking accidentally she was thinking well actually singing a song in her head to her self so I just started saying whatever came to my mind while just performing regular chores my mother was so confused at first I remember her asking me when did you hear that song I was confused myself I replied what song my mother said the one you was just trying to sing I told her I wasn't singing anything just thinking out loud so my mom asked me have you ever listened to al green ? I at the time being 7 years old had no idea who al green was or any of his music so I replied no then my mom said you was just saying the lyrics to call me by al green I was just singing that in my mind she explained so after a few scenarios like this occurred I explained to my mother and father and family I can do things like this regularly I though I was just normal at the time.

after a little help & research from my family & close friends we discovered that im not alone in this there are hundred of people young and old that are psychic/indigo some im sure are not even fully aware that they are ,one of my goals are to raise awareness for people like me the mass impact of emotions & confusion are very difficult to deal with so if you do feel you are psychic/indigo or are suffering from similar situations that I have explained please contact I will help you or suggest other places to go that can defiantly help you understand what your going through . another one of my main goals & overall purpose in life is to help those in need ive helped approximately 40,000 people ranging in all problems .love, health issues,business,personal matters,addictions,demonic possession,holy blessings of items or property, I began at the age of 8 with just a crystal ball the crystal ball helps me tune into a specific person or thing kind of like psychometry but slightly more advanced think of me as a radio the crystal ball is an antenna and the person on the other end is the station that's being tuned into that's as simple as I can put it as time progressed I mastered the tarot cards ,palmistry , face analysis ,dream interpretations, astrology readings chakra aligning & unblocking , reiki healing & much more now at 24 years old I feel like I been blessed I feel so lucky because the greatest feeling for me is to see & feel the joy from my clients after ive helped them my job will never be over I feel I should help as many people in this world before im gone myself .
thanks to all my family ,friends that encouraged me to make this site & this information public & thank you for reading god bless you sincerely Amanda.

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