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Though all testimonials are from actual people,persons experience will vary and range person to person all readings are private and confidential no information is ever given to a third party results also vary person to person as does the experience of the readings vary not every one person is the same so results are different any reviews or testimonials sent to me should not influence your decision for readings all reviews and testimonials are given consent and are over age 18 for any more questions please call 416-519-8055 thank you.

Amanda Canada's Accurate & Trusted Psychic Spiritualist

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Hi my name is Amanda im a psychic indigo spiritualist ive mastered all arts of the tarot cards crystal ball palmistry ,astrology readings chakra healing reiki healing & much more ive helped approx 40,000 people world wide in all problem areas of life of love,health,business,personal matters,addictions ,spiritual problems im very accurate in all of my readings based on clientele surveys & testing done at the aspr society with almost 19 years of experience i can help and guide to solutions for all  problems. i can take you back to your past explain your present & reveal your future !

i'm a god gifted psychic & spiritualist also known as an indigo by modern terms with an ability that has been bestowed upon me to help everyone one in need ,i have been doing so for almost 19 years since the age of 8 ,helping & guiding in all areas of Love,Business,Health,Personal issues,legal matters,etc.., i have advanced knowledge & skill of the tarot cards,palmistry. the crystal ball,& spiritual manifestation & meditations I'm accurate in all my readings based on clientele surveys and annual testing once per year at the ASPR society.

I have helped & guided thousands of men and woman throughout the world with my ability i'm a very spiritual individual and being indigo i'm very sensitive and in tune with my surroundings including the people around me in order for me to hone in even more to my ability i must meditate and and fast regularly to heighten my abilities & to help my clients even further i use the power of prayer certain alchemy's of incense & oils the crystal ball to intensify the frequency around me to get a better connection with my client and the tarot cards to read further in to their lives these are my tools & this is my life i'm here to help you every step of the way with almost 19 years experience i will help you in every situation ,

whether it be a matter of personal issues i.e.. re-uniting with a loved one or finding your soul mate for the first time intimacy issues or even bringing together family members,. emotional barriers i.e anxiety,nerves,stress,depression, or helping with family issues i.e abuse , acceptance issues , spousal problems, divorces, legal matters, addictions of drugs,alcohol gambling,etc..or .business issues , career choices,financial difficulties ,unemployment,maintaining success rate or maintaining business structure, also spiritual problems of evil or negative spiritual or demonic influence over a person or area ,spiritual blocks,spiritual blessing of objects or areas spiritual manifestation, out of body experiences,dream interpretations,astrological info,& much more

I can take you back to your past explain to you your present and i will reveal your future with little to no questions asked Seen on TV talk shoes radio programs and news articles through out Canada all clientele information is kept private & confidential Restores Health,Finance,Luck, Spiritual Energy! I will guide you in to the right direction to help you solve your problems. Hours of operation 10.00am to 9.00pm Mon-Fri, 12pm-8pm sat-sun please contact me at 416-519-8055 or at 2 Convenient Locations at 818
Wilson Avenue M3K1E5 & 328 Wilson Avenue M3H1S9.